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The Rundown - June 23, 2020
The Rundown is a quick summary of the most recent meeting of the Board of Trustees for subscribers of West Chester's e-newsletter. 

Trustees took another step toward placing new safety services levies on the ballot in November at the June 23 regular meeting.

Resolutions of Necessity were approved for two levies, one for police and one for fire. Neither levy reflects increased service, but rather maintaining existing service.

West Chester’s public safety departments are funded with designated voter-approved levies. The 911 Communications Center is also funded through these levies with police and fire sharing these costs.

West Chester’s current Fire Levy is 6 mills and was approved by voters 14 years ago. On average, it generates about $11.1 million each year. Recent expenditures for the department have been between $12 million and $14 million with carryover funds making up the difference.

The current Police Levy is 7 mills and is 10 years old, generating annually an average of about $12.9 million. Recent expenditures have been between $13 million and $14.8 million, again relying on carryover from previous years to cover the annual costs of services.

In West Chester the owner of a $240,000 home would pay an additional $336 annually with passage of both new levies. Owners of the same $240,000 home currently pay about $472 annually for police service and about $405 for fire & EMS service.

If passed, the owner of the $240,000 house will pay about $1,213 annually for public safety services.

The Board of Trustees must next approve a second required resolution drafting the actual ballot language and certifying it to the Board of Elections in July before it can go before the voters in the fall.


  • The Trustees approved the hiring of two full-time and two seasonal employees. Mr. Daniel Almer will serve as System Administrator – Township Network at the annual salary of $77, 188.80 and Mrs. Angela Sousa will serve as Police Technician – Body Worn Camera Coordinator at the hourly rate of $20.39. Seasonal employees Mr. Christian Dischler and Mr. Ethan Howard will work with Township roads and parks crews at the hourly rate of $12.
  • The Trustees approved an amendment to expand the scope of its agreement with McBride Dale Clarion, incorporating property maintenance language in the updated Zoning Resolution. The consulting firm was contracted to create a new Zoning Resolution and update the West Chester Comprehensive Land Use Plan in late 2019. The additional work is not to exceed $15,000, capping the total cost for all services at $125,000.
  • The Trustees extended a temporary waiver of zoning application fees for specified residential permits (for projects like fences, decks, swimming pools, etc.) through the end of the year.
  • The Trustees approved a resolution for the purchase of additional land adjacent to Fire Station 73 on Duff Drive where a new $3 million fire station is under construction.
  • The Trustees approved a Zoning Map Amendment for Ghizas Property, changing its zoning from Neighborhood Business District to General Business District.
  • And, the Trustees voted to re-open the public hearing for a Zoning Map Amendment for Cassinellis Property and continued the Second Reading to the July 28 regular meeting.