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Check out the ACPL Seed Library!
It’s time to grow your garden!  Even though our buildings are closed, you can still check out seeds from the Seed Library at the Little Turtle branch with curbside pickup.

The ACPL Seed Library is a collection of seeds that you can ‘check out’ for free! There is no due date- just grow the plants and save some of their seeds at the end of the season. Keep some seeds for yourself and give some back to the Seed Library for others to use. Call the Little Turtle branch at (260) 421-1335 for a list of available seeds and more information!

How does it work?

It’s simple! Once the library is open again, visit the Little Turtle branch and look over the selection of seeds. Until then, call (260) 421-1335 to reserve your seeds.

Choose up to 8 packets of seeds, take them to the checkout desk and record what you are taking. You do not need a library card to be a part of the Seed Library. Grow the plants and save some of their seeds. Keep some seeds for yourself and give some back to the Seed Library for others to use. Seeds from locally grown plants are better suited to our local soil and climate, and can be more resistant to local pests and disease.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to everyone! The Seed Library began with money donated to the Little Turtle branch library gift fund by local author Michael Martone when he won the Indiana Authors Award. The Seed Library is sustained by growers who share their seeds with the community.

What kinds of seeds do you have at the Seed Library?

Microgreens collection, Vegetables, Flowers

Can I donate seeds?

Yes, please! We accept open-pollinated seeds from plants from in our area. When you donate seeds please include the name of the seeds, the year in which they were collected, the city in which they were collected, and your name. Please let us know if you prefer to not have your name listed on the seed packet. Your local library or Extension Office will have information on proper seed saving techniques. 

How can I help?

We are always looking for helping hands of all ages to count and package seeds and organize library drawers.  Call Carla at 260-421-1335 for more information on how to be a part of the Seed Library team.

How can I learn to grow my own food?

Your local library has a vast selection of books for all ages on growing food. The Purdue University Extension office website is a fantastic resource for all of your gardening questions.