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The Rundown - May 12, 2020
The Rundown is a quick summary of the most recent meeting of the Board of Trustees for subscribers of West Chester's e-newsletter. 


Road improvement projects continue to move forward in 2020. 

The West Chester Board of Trustees approved $132,917.82 for black mat slurry application on select streets at its May 12 regular meeting.

Slurry is one resurfacing tool used by the Township to maintain roads in good condition, prolonging pavement life. Black mat slurry does not replace new pavement. Trustees previously approved $1.4 million for repaving of select streets.

Trustees approved the contract for slurry application with Strawser Construction, Inc. through the Butler County Engineer’s Office.

Slurry will be applied to about 1.6 miles of road this summer.


  • Trustees approved payment of $22,770 to Jackson Construction for asphalt removal work on Crossbridge and Sprucewood.
  • Trustees celebrated West Chester Fire & EMS, Police and Community Services employees as they each mark recognition weeks in May (starts around the 33-second mark).
  • Trustees approved an amendment to 2020 Permanent Appropriations. These amendments come before the Board for consideration several times during the year to accommodate changes in receipted revenue and/or expenditures. In this case, the amendments reflect increased revenue in various TIF funds.

Find a link to the official meeting minutes online at or watch a video broadcast the meeting in its entirety below.