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Colerain Township is Working Hard to Get Restaurants and Retail Back to Business

COVID-19 has shaken us all but perhaps none more so than our restaurants and retail businesses.  Recognizing this, the Colerain Township Trustees directed the Township Administrator and Director of Planning and Zoning to temporarily suspend certain parts of the zoning resolution to allow for restaurants and retail to get back to work.


Today, Colerain Township announced that they will be temporarily suspending 26 specific zoning regulations for the duration of the declared pandemic emergency.


For businesses this means:

  1. It is easier to have outdoor dining and sales.
  2. It is easier to get a zoning certificate for tents to support outdoor dining and sales.
  3. You can have more temporary signage announcing you are open for business.
  4. It is easier to work from home.

For residents this means:

  1. Its easier for you to enjoy a meal at one of Colerain's many great restaurants.
  2. There will be more retail options available to you if retailers choose to sell goods outside
  3. It will be easier to work from home. 

For more information about this please contact Mike Ionna, Director of Planning and Zoning at or 513.923.5012.