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Virtual Visits at the HMH Clinic in Falmouth

Virtual Visits at the HMH (Harrison Memorial Hospital) Clinic in Falmouth - During this COVID-19 crisis, HMH is extending it's telehealth services to include the HMH Clinic in Falmouth.  This way, you can see a healthcare professional without leaving the convenience of your home.

In order to setup virtual visits, you will need to call the office at 859-298-5390 during operating hours.

The HMH Clinic is open in Falmouth:
Monday-Friday: 5PM to 9PM
Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
Sunday: 10AM to 4PM

 Please note you can still walk in for an appointment at hte HMH Clinic in Falmouth if needed.  This is another way HMH is being proactive to keep you healthy.