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Southern Elementary Cardinal Caravan Parade

It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to post an event!  Join the Southern Elementary team as they parade through and around Falmouth this Friday, April 24 at 1:30 PM.

Beginning at 1:30 PM:
Begin at old Subway parking lot
Turn Right on Shelby Street
Turn Left on Park Street
Right on Second Street
Right on Main Street
Left on Shelby Street
Right on Beech Street
Right on Hauser Street
Right on Broad Street
Left on Fourth Street
Left on Park Street
Right on Rigg Street
Left on Fifth Street
Left on Dickerson Lane
Left on US 27/Ridgeway Ave.
Right on Meadowlark
Left on Bluejay Circle
Left on US 27
Right on Southside Church Rd
Left on North Ronda
Left on Tiffany Lane to Wells Dr
Left on Reservoir Hill
Right on Main Street
Left on Monroe Street
Right on Sycamore Street
Left on Robbins Avenue
Left on Elm Street
Right on US 27/Ridgeway Avenue

*If your street is not listed go to the safest, nearest street. Please remember to practice social distancing (6 ft) and to stand safely away from the street on your driveway or sidewalk.