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"George Rooks: The garden season is almost about here"
George Rooks, The Ole Fisherman, contributed this article to The Clermont Sun.  

Howdy folks—The Garden season is just about here. The Grants Greenhouse on the farm and the Ellis Greenhouse have tomato plants ready to be set. Also, the Grants have cucumbers, pepper plants and other vegetables. If this is the first year you have ever planted a garden stop at the Grants Greenhouse or Ellis Greenhouse and ask for some help on how to plant.  

Some of the items you can use to plant in would be a 3 gallon can to grow tomatoes in. Fill the can full of potting soil with a drain hole in the bottom. Get your tomato plant and set it in the soil in the can. You can then set the can on the porch or deck and put a support around the tomato. Or, use the walls of water and that item will help keep the plant from freezing. You can get them from the Grants farm also. 

Years ago I planted a tomato plant on 1 April. I always used the walls of water. The tomato plant was about 20 inches tall. The walls of water are 17 inches tall so the tomato plant was taller and it got down to 16°. The tomato was above the walls and Ruth Ann said I guess the frost and cold weather got the tomatoes. When I looked, the tomato was OK. Now the walls of water have a 1 inch chamber where you put water in them. The water was frozen, but the tomato plant was fine.  

Now, if you would like to have a raised bed to garden in, get you some 8 by 10 lumber and put them together to make a 4 x 6 x 8‘ bed. You will need to do some cutting and when you put them together at the end use 6 inch drywall screws to hold them together. Then fill it with potting soil and set out plants. 

Now for some information on the gathering at the Old Bethel Church here in East Fork State Park. We will be canceling the service scheduled for Memorial Day. I would hope nobody would get this disease and if the situation changes, I will write it in the paper. This is something to be concerned about and I hope the good Lord will control it. I hope that later this year we can have a meeting and program at the church with the Kenner Express playing for us. This disease is a disaster to the country so if it gets OK we will try to have a program. 

Last week, my daughter and son-in-law have a piece of ground they bought that has a small pond on it. They took their daughter and granddaughter fishing there. My great-granddaughter Brooklyn, caught 17 crappie and her mother Jennifer caught some too. Now when Jennifer was a little gal, Ruth Ann and I would take her and her dad and mother fishing on our pontoon boat. When Jennifer would catch the first fish she then would throw the pole back in the lake. Her dad would then fish the pole and fish out of the lake. Ruth Ann and I were always happy when we could take some of our family fishing. 

Now Mr. Chester and Miss Chessie are doing fine. Since I am housebound, they use my lap a lot. I am getting better each day. 

Start your week by praying and praising the good Lord.

God bless all . . .

More later . . ."

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This article by George Rooks was published in The Clermont Sun