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Police Response During "Stay at Home Order"

 The Springfield Township Police Department will enforce the “Stay at Home Order” issued by the Ohio Department of Health. This enforcement began March 23, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. and will be enforced through the duration of the Order. We’re asking all citizens and businesses to comply with the “Stay at Home Order.”  If non-essential businesses continue to operate after being verbally warned, the owners will be cited. Driving to and from work, driving for basic necessities, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, are acceptable reasons for not following the “Stay at Home Order.” Officers will assume drivers are conducting essential errands.  Standard vehicle operating laws are still enforceable and please drive safely.

We are requesting the public to call the local police department for official police business if possible utilizing our non-emergency number at 513-729-1300, or the event of an emergency to call 911.  Officers will prioritize and respond to crimes in progress, crimes of violence, and crimes requiring the collection of evidence.  Officers will respond to auto accidents that involve injuries, blocked roads, and disabled vehicles. Drivers involved in minor traffic accidents should exchange information and call their local police department to file a report via telephone.  Drivers have 72 hours to report these accidents.

We are asking the public to cooperate with and be patient with us during this time to try and limit the potential exposure of our Officers to the virus.  Keeping our Officers healthy will ensure our continued ability to protect and serve the public.  

Chief Robert Browder