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2019 Municipal Income Taxes: What You Need to Know
This year will mark the third year that CCA Division of Taxation will be managing Hamilton’s Income Tax. Here is everything you will need to know before the April 15 filing due date.  

All Hamilton residents are required to file an Individual Municipal Income Tax Return each year with the exception of those who are included on their spouse’s ‘Married Filing Jointly’ return. 2019 municipal tax forms and 2020 declaration of estimated tax must be filed and, if applicable, paid before the end of business on April 15, 2020. There are two main types of municipal income tax forms: No Income Returns and Standard Returns.

No Income Returns

A no income return is for any resident who did not have an earned income in 2019. This most often applies to retired residents who only received income through a pension, retirement accounts, Social Security, and other interest or dividend income. Other less common situations where the no income form should be used include:

  • Those who earned no income or only receive public assistance, unemployment, Supplemental Security Income, etc.

  • Members of the Armed Forces of the United States who only received active duty income for the entire year of 2019

  • Non-residents who previously had a business or rental property which was closed or sold before January 1, 2019

Standard Individual Municipal Income Tax Returns

The ‘2019 Individual Municipal Income Tax Return’ is for all other income earning residents of Hamilton. This form can be filled out and filed as outlined below or you can use the CCA eFile system to both fill out your municipal income tax return and pay online if applicable. 

How to get your tax forms

  • Both forms as well as instructions for the Income Form are available online here:

  • If you have no taxable income, utility bills mailed out in February will have an income tax notice.  There is a No Income Form on the back of the notice that you can fill out and submit as your 2019 income tax return for Hamilton

  • Forms can be picked up from the Hamilton Income Tax Office located on the 3rd floor of 345 High Street

  • You can request that a form be mailed to you by calling CCA (800-223-6317) or the City of Hamilton Finance Department (513.785-7210 or 513-785-7153)

  • Forms can be picked up from the Hamilton Lane Library located at  300 N 3rd Street

How to file your tax forms

Before Filing make sure to have copies of all forms you will need. Your 2019 final return must be accompanied by a copy of all your W-2(s) and all pertinent Federal Schedules or Forms (Examples: page 1 and 2 of Schedule C, page 1 and 2 of Schedule E, form 2106, etc.)

  • In person: visit the Hamilton CCA Office located on the 3rd floor of 345 High Street.  Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30a - 4:00p. Extended hours will be posted later in the tax season. 

  • By mail: mail your return and payment, if applicable, to

    • CCA - Division of Taxation

205 W Saint Clair Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113-1503

As always, any person who has questions about filing their municipal income tax return is encouraged to contact the CCA Division of Taxation directly by calling 513-785-7400 or emailing You may also contact the City of Hamilton Finance Department directly by contacting either Crystal Mckinney at / 513-785-7210 or Dave Jones at / 513-785-7153.

Less Common Tax Filing Information

  • Extensions: If you need an extension and already have a federal extension filed, send a copy of that form no later than April 15, 2020 to by email or to 216-420-8299 by fax. If you would like an extension but do not have a federal extension filed, please fill out and submit Form 4868-H available at

    • Please note: An extension for filing the municipal income tax return does not extend the last date for paying the tax without penalty and interest

  • Business Returns: Municipal Income Tax Returns are available at CCA will also accept Hamilton’s Business Return (available at

    • If you have questions regarding your corporate income tax filing, please contact CCA at 800-223-6317 or You may also contact the City of Hamilton Finance Department directly (see above)

    • Copies of the Federal Return and all pertinent federal schedules or forms that relate to the municipal return must be attached to the return

    • Copies of 1099-MISC(s) issued to any subcontractors working in our entity are due by February 28, 2020