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Nearly $2 Million In Grant Funding Coming To Springfield Township For Neighborhood Road Improvements

Springfield Township just received the best news it could hope for from the recent round of State Capital Improvement Project (SCIP) applications. Three road  projects, totaling $3.95 million in improvements, will be awarded state funding.  The state will be awarding $1.975 million towards the projects; the township will be responsible for the matching $1.975 million. Property owners will be contributing $70-$95 annually for ten years through an assessment. This is the largest grant award Springfield Township has ever received in its history. This award also includes the township's largest road project in history.

Six different road project grant applications were submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission by Springfield Township Trustees in September, 2019. Eighty applications were submitted for District 2, which includes applications from all communities inside of Hamilton County.  With only 10 million dollars available to award, only the top-scoring 19 projects were designated to receive funding. 

The three projects that will be funded include:

The Burlington Meadows Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Maria Avenue, Briarrose Court

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$795,000

The Hollydale Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Toulon Drive

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$685,000

The Wildbrook Acres Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Garnoa Drive, Terway Lane, Wildbrook Lane, Crestbrook Drive (Sunwood Court to Garnoa Drive) , Northfield Lane, Sunwood Court, Ridgebrook Lane, Northbrook Court, Fernbrook Court, Kelso Court

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$2.47 million

The Wildbrook Acres project, renovating ten streets in one application, is the largest road project ever performed in Springfield Township. 

Springfield Township's six applications totaled $6.73 million. "By applying for multiple projects, we made every effort we could to rehabilitate as many roads as possible," explains Director of Infrastructure and Development, Mike Gould. "Our innovative approach when submitting this year’s applications is a direct result of our success." Trustee Joe Honerlaw stated, "These applications are crucial in getting the township's worst streets replaced. Grant funding is matched by the township road levy funds, making our limited dollars stretch further." The application process is extremely competitive and it is rare to have three projects funded in the same year. Over the previous four years, Springfield Township has received $2.57 million in SCIP funding to rehabilitate 15 neighborhood roads. 

The approved grant application projects will begin in Spring of 2021.

The projects that were applied for and did not receive funding will undergo reapplication in 2020. These projects include: The Bellune Rehabilitation Project (Lexington Heights), The Brentwood Rehabilitation Project and The Kempermill Rehabilitation Project.