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2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study Rollout
Come be the first to explore the latest trends that portray our community. Presentation and interactive discussion by Dr. Leonard Saxe and Dr. Janet Krasner Aronson of the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University.

The 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study will provide a portrait of Jewish Cincinnati, including attitudes, behaviors, and trends. The principal goal of this study is to provide data and insight about Jewish Cincinnati. The rollout will be presented by Dr. Leonard Saxe and Dr. Janet Krasner Aronson of the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and the Steinhardt Social Research Institute at Brandeis University. 


The 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study was made possible through the funding of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, with support from the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

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Our hope is to build one of the most welcoming, innovative, and vibrant Jewish communities in America.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Following the community study rollout in January 2020, we will launch a Year of Learning to engage community leadership and individuals in how to digest, analyze, utilize, and make meaning out of the 2019 study data. Over the course of 2020, targeted presentations using customized data will be made to local agencies and congregational boards. This will be the beginning of a conversation about how we can best support our community leaders in understanding and utilizing the data. We will unearth new insights and more questions, which will lead to deeper analysis of the 2019 study and more specific and targeted studies if necessary.


As we begin to create a community vision for 2030, the Federation and Foundation will work with lay leaders, community partners, and program providers to meet the ever-changing needs and the aspirations of our community. With input from the leadership of our agencies and congregations, service providers, and community members, over the next year, we will develop a set of communal values, metrics, and goals for Cincinnati 2030 to enhance life in Jewish Cincinnati. 


About the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies 

The Cohen Center is one of the country’s leading research entities, led by Dr. Leonard Saxe, a social psychologist and research methodologist. Dr. Saxe’s primary research expertise is on religious and ethnic identity, specifically addressing issues relevant to the Jewish community. The Associate Director of the Cohen Center is Dr. Janet Krasner Aronson, whose primary research area is local Jewish community studies. 

The Cohen Center has worked with a number of other Jewish Federations to conduct their own community studies, including Pittsburgh, Greater Washington, and Palm Beach.