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Littering is unacceptable at West Chester recycling centers
Items that may be recycled at West Chester's three locations include: paper, plastics, glass, and cardboard.

Litter is literally unacceptable at West Chester recycling centers

All recyclable materials must go inside bins, not placed next to or spilling out the top of bins. Leaving items outside the bins is like throwing trash out your car window – it is technically littering and seriously unproductive. This is because items left next to bins or overflowing beyond the lids tend to blow away, making our parks dirty, unsightly and less safe for all those who enjoy these green spaces.  

Instead, if the green Rumpke bins at your favorite recycling center are full, please come back another day or try a different location. Bins are available in three conveniently located public places:

  • Beckett Park, 8650 Beckett Road
  • Keehner Park, 7211 Barret Road
  • The property at 7900 Cox Road

Only recyclable materials like paper, plastics, glass and cardboard are permitted. When you finish dropping off your recycling, please make sure the bin lids are closed to ensure that recycled materials do not blow back out of the bins.

Dumping garbage is strictly prohibited. Offenders are in violation of Ohio Revised Code 3767.32 which considers littering a misdemeanor.

Keep in mind that furniture, appliances and most other materials are gratefully accepted by Goodwill, The Salvation Army and similar organizations. Consider donating re-usable goods before dumping them in the garbage.

For all your other recycling needs, the Butler County Recycling and Solid Waste District offers special services throughout the year. Learn more at

Editor's note: Bins are emptied three times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday. If the bins are full when you arrive, please come back another day or try another location.