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Two Springfield Township Public Works Employees Take Top 5 in Annual Snow Plow Roadeo

When the snow starts falling and snowplows take to the roads, Springfield Township residents will be happy to know that their drivers are among the best in Southwest Ohio.

Rob Buckmeier, a three-year driver and Supervisor with the township’s Public Works Department, took second place in this year’s annual Hamilton County Snow-Plow Roadeo, an obstacle-course competition for snowplow drivers that challenges them in a variety of close encounter obstacles. Trevin Wilson, who has been with the Township's Public Works Department for the past four years, took fourth.

The event, a sort of Olympics for snowplow drivers, challenges drivers to test their skills in obstacle courses simulating real-life winter weather conditions. Speed and precision are key in the competition, in which plows must pass through scenarios such as passing parked cars and mailboxes, navigating in a cul-de-sac, weaving through a serpentine path to access a loading dock and, of course, plowing snow.

Points are deducted for going too fast or too slow, knocking over or crushing cones or striking wood blocks.

"We send all of our snow plow drivers each year to the Hamilton County Snow Plow Roadeo. This event allows our team to sharpen their skills before the snow season," explains Springfield Township Trustee, Joe Honerlaw.  "Over the past 10 years, we are proud to have over seven employees rank first or second place across all townships in our region" said Honerlaw. Drivers placing among the top five in the Hamilton County Township Division qualifies for the Regional Roadeo involving all municipalities in South West Ohio. Both Rob and Trevin will compete in this final challenge scheduled October 9, 2019 in Mason, Ohio.  We wish them well in the next round of competition!!!