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Community Electronic Recycle Day At Winton Woods Park, Presented By Mount St Joseph University

Many call the township this time of year asking how to get rid of old TV's, appliances and computers. Here are two solutions:

The Sustainability Committee of Mount St. Joseph University and Great Parks of Hamilton County are proud to sponsor a community electronics recycling day on Saturday, October 19th, in the north parking lot of Winton Woods Harbor.  This is a one day only event from 10AM-2PM. There are no residency requirements to drop off items and Great Parks will be waiving their motor vehicle permit for entrance to the event. 

 ANY item with an electrical cord will be accepted on October 19th during the event hours.  This includes all TVs (any size), refrigerators and all other household appliances (microwaves, washers, vacuum cleaners, etc.), cell phones, game systems, iPods, Blackberries, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS units, e-readers, all computers and related accessories (such as keyboards, printers, portable hard drives, and scanners), VCR/DVD/CD players, fax machines, copiers, surge protectors, power cables and charging cords, electronic wiring, and satellite components. 

     A $15 donation is requested for each small TV/computer monitor  and a $25 donation is requested for each large TV (consoles, large flat screens, and rear projection TVs).  For those without TVs to drop off, a $10 donation is requested per vehicle.  These donations help to defray both transportation costs and disposal fees for the hazardous waste components of the items to be recycled. Donations also support Mount St. Joseph University and Great Parks in their ongoing sustainability efforts.

     RecycleForce, a non-profit from Indianapolis, will de-manufacture items and shred all hard drives to address any privacy concerns.  The plastics, glass, and metals are then collected, packaged, and sold to build new components, while all toxic elements, such as lead and mercury, will be disposed of properly to avoid environmental contamination. RecycleForce provides transitional jobs to formerly incarcerated people, helping them to rebuild their lives and increase their chances of sustained future employment. 

    Event planners have requested those interested in attending the event, to please check "Interested" or "Going" on the facebook event page,

This helps in planning for the event, and ordering enough trucks to take away the electronic items.  If you have questions, please call event coordinator Colleen McSwiggin at 513-244-4864.


Visit Type in the item you would like to recycle and a list of recycling options will be provided.