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Springfield Township Road Project Grant Applications Submitted

Springfield Township Trustees made motions to submit six different road project grant applications to the Ohio Public Works Commission at the September 10th public meeting. "These applications are crucial in getting the township's worst streets replaced," said Trustee Joe Honerlaw. "Grant funding would be matched by the township road levy funds, making our limited dollars stretch further." 

Every community in the state can compete for State Capital Improvement Project (SCIP) grant funding. District 2, which includes all of Hamilton County has  approximately 12 million dollars to be allocated to infrastructure projects in 2020. Only the top scoring applications will be awarded funding.  Springfield Township's six applications total $6.73 million. "We are not likely to get all of our projects funded," explains Public Works Director Mike Gould. "By applying for multiple projects, we are making every effort we can to take care of the roads."

Grant awards will be announced in early 2020 for projects beginning in 2021. 

What Projects Did Springfield Township Trustees Apply For?

Roads considered in the worst condition require complete rehabilitation, are the most expensive and therefore score highest in the application process. Trustees felt the following projects would score high and applied for the following:

Grant Application #1: The Bellune Rehabilitation Project (Lexington Heights)

Includes: Bellune Drive

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$647,000

Grant Application #2: The Brentwood Rehabilitation Project 

Includes: Thunderbird Drive, Mockingbird Lane, Pelican Drive, Jonfred Court, Wildbrook

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$1.18 million

Grant Application #3: The Burlington Meadows Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Maria Avenue, Briarrose Court

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$795,000

Grant Application #4: The Hollydale Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Toulon Drive

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$685,000

Grant Application #5: The Kempermill Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Brookway Drive, Hillrose Court, Galloway Court

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$950,000

Grant Application #6: The Wildbrook Acres Rehabilitation Project

Includes: Garnoa Drive, Terway Lane, Wildbrook Lane, Crestbrook Drive, Northfield Lane, Sunwood Court, Northbrook Court, Fernbrook Court, Kelso Court

Estimated Cost of Rehabilitation:$2.47 million

Although there is no guarantee of any grant award, the township has been successful in the past. In the past 4 years, Springfield Township has received $2.57 million in SCIP funding to rehabilitate 15 neighborhood roads.