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Springfield Township Fire Department Celebrates 23 Years

This month, the Springfield Township Fire Department celebrates 23 years. In June 1996, Robert Leininger was hired as Fire Chief to develop the Springfield Township Fire Department.  On September 1, 1996, plans went into effect and the Springfield Township Fire Department was established.  From that day forward, the fire department started providing fire and paramedic emergency medical service to the people who live, work and visit Springfield Township. 

In 1996, the newly formed fire department consisted of 5 full-time and 50 part-time firefighters.  In order to meet the demand for service today, the department employs 34 full-time and 38 part-time firefighters.  All firefighters are crossed trained to provide emergency medical services.

In 1996, the newly formed fire department was ranked 15th out of 44 suburban fire departments in Hamilton County based on service demand.  Today, the Springfield Township Fire Department is ranked among the top 3 departments in the county based on geographic area, population served and the volume of fire/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response.  In 2018, the Springfield Township Fire Department responded to 6,383 emergency dispatch calls.  Station 79, located at 9150 Winton Road is the second busiest suburban fire station in Hamilton County. 

The Springfield Township Fire Department was recognized as 2018 Fire Department of the Year by the Ohio Fire Marshal and the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

According to Chief Leininger, “We have come a long way in 23 years.  Our successes would not have been possible without the leadership from our forward thinking Trustees, administration and outstanding fire personnel.  We strive to exceed the expectations of the people we serve.”  

Chief Leininger shared his insight on the future of the Springfield Township Fire Department, “I see the demand for safety services, especially medical increasing every year.  To meet that demand, we will need to improve our current service delivery model to improve efficiency and effectiveness of providing fire and EMS services.  This will involve creating an environment that embraces change and innovation. Opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures will be pursued. Community Paramedicine will change the way we provide EMS.  In the future, paramedics may treat patients in the field rather than transport to the hospital.   Paramedics will use telemedicine to communicate with a physician from a patient’s living room.  We need to embrace technology when it comes to radio and smart phone communications and medical devices.”


The Springfield Township Fire Department will continue to be one of the leaders of fire and EMS in Hamilton County.