Colerain Police Receive Accreditation Report

The Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies has issued the 2017 Colerain Police Department onsite report. The Commission ensures that agencies are employing best practices and adhering to over 480 individual standards covering all law enforcement operations. Less than 5% of all law enforcement agencies have met the standards and are accredited . This is the 5th onsite for the Colerain Police Department. In the last two 3-year cycles, the Colerain Police Department received the "With Excellence" designation, awarded to less than 1% of accredited agencies. In the words of the Commission, agencies who receive this recognition are considered the "Best of the Best". Chief Denney and Accreditation Manager Lieutenant Michael Owens will attend the November National Conference where they will participate in a Commission Hearing for the final re-accreditation decision.

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