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Winton Road Update

It's no secret that Winton Road construction is the cause of many headaches! We too drive it every day and feel your angst. This communication is to update you on the progress of the project, managed by the Hamilton County Engineers Department. 

Is the project on time?

The unusually heavy rain our area experienced throughout May and June have caused delays in construction. The initial timeline called for a November completion. As the project stands now, the Winton Road project is delayed - but it is too early to know whether or not the project will end in November or if it will have an early spring completion date. According to the project manager, the November completion timeline is possible, pending no further delays due to weather or underground utility set backs.

What has been done?

The first phase of the Winton Road project, which is considered to be the east side of construction, is nearing completion. All of the underground sewer work, widening of the road and paving on this side should be complete by the beginning of August. 

What's Next?

After the east side of the road is paved, traffic will be diverted and the west side of the road will undergo the same process to widen and install drainage. 

Yikes! Just in time for school...

Hamilton County Engineer plans call for construction on the west side of Winton to be under construction August thru November. This construction will impact entry to John Paul II school and will cause traffic delays for Finneytown, Winton Woods and St Vivian students. These delays cannot be avoided so we ask for your patience and extreme caution, especially during school hours. Plan to leave earlier and expect these delays. 

Who Do I Call?

 Questions and concerns involving the Winton Road construction should be directed to Hamilton County Engineers at 946-8400.