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OCEAN Alum Update: Daniel Downs, R3 Printing
Keeping up with Daniel Downs, Co-Founder of R3 Printing and graduate of OCEAN Accelerator 2018. See what they've been up to lately.

We're always excited to share the latest from our OCEAN alumni, including projects they've been working on since completed our program. Daniel Downs, Co-Founder of R3 Printing, is a recent 2018 OCEAN Accelerator graduate. Here's a few updates from him on what their team is working on. 

It's been a whirlwind experience since graduating from OCEAN Accelerator. In May 2018, we were invited to share our vision on stages across the nation, including Technori in Chicago and LAUNCH Festival in Sydney, Australia. Our target market has now grown to include the United States Air Force - after receiving some positive signal from defense community members, we pursued avenues of defense productization, and in March 2018 we received federal government grant funding to help us execute on the customer discovery process and understand the USAF’s pain points as they move to adopt additive manufacturing technology.

On the product side of things, we are now in the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) stage. This means that we’re tweaking the final design of various components and systems to make them cheaper to manufacture and/or easier to assemble, which translates into cost savings as well. This includes such componentry as our "secret sauce" printhead and all-metal unit chassis. 

Some additional highlights are as follows:

Congrats to Dan and their team for all of their hard work and success thus far!