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Summer of 2019 - Kids' Cooking Classes
We are bringing Kids' Cooking with Chef Kathy Classes back for the summer of 2019! Spots are filling up fast but we still have June availability for Session One on a first-come-first-served basis.

With last year's classes having been a success, and having a few students return for 1-on-1 classes with Chef Kathy, we decided to bring Kids' Cooking with Chef Kathy classes back for the summer of 2019.  To get the best experience and to learn the most, we have structured the classes into a "camp" where students will spend 4 & 1/2 hours a day for 3 days learning everything from cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, and proper use of kitchen tools.  Each week will bring a fresh set of recipes to keep it interesting and to provide a dynamic experience for those who choose to come to multiple weeks or have been to a class in past years.  Below you will find information on the class times, requirements, expectations, and as we continue to plan, recipe sets for each class.

Kids' Camp Sessions

Class Session 1:

June 25th - 27th

10:30am - 3pm

Class Session 2: Sold Out

July 16th - 18th

10:30am - 3pm

Class Session 3: Sold Out

July 30th - August 1st

10:30am - 3pm

Each class session is available for kids ages 8 through 13 and will be geared toward students who are looking for a hands-on experience.  Each session will be limited to 8 students to ensure safety and a proper learning environment.

What do I need to do as a parent?

All we need for the parents to do is to complete the registration form ahead of time and be available for drop-off between 10 & 10:30 as well as pick-up after 3pm each day.  Custom Distributors will provide beverages, ingredients, cooking utensils, and anything else your child needs to have a successful learning experience. 

What is expected of my student?

No experience is necessary to participate in the Kid's Classes!  We want to provide a comfortable learning environment for all ages and levels of experience.  Having fun is a huge part of enjoying meal preparation so we don't want your student to feel pressured.  If they don't feel comfortable using a certain tool or using a new technique, don't worry!  Chef Kathy and her supporting staff will ensure that each student learns as much as they can while still respecting their comfort levels with each task.

Additional Details, Forms, and Links

We want to make this process as simple as possible while still providing a safe learning environment.  Because of this, we ask that you please look through the links and forms below so you know what to expect and what is required for your student to participate.

- Pricing: $110 per 3 day session: We are presenting our 2019 classes with the same pricing as last year.  This covers payment for the full 3 day session along with any food, beverages, recipes, or other take-homes that the students have.

- Class Schedules and Recipe Sets (Link): These are here so that you can quickly remind yourself of class dates and what is on the menu for each session.  Recipes will be added in once the planning of each day is complete.  We are experienced in working with food allergies and will ensure that any allergies listed on our registration form are accounted for and will not pose a threat to the experience of your student.

- Registration Form: This completed form will be necessary for any students that you sign up for the classes.  While it keeps track of how many students are in each class along with any allergies, contact information, or otherwise important information that we will need to provide your student with the best possible experience, it also provides you with the best way to contact Custom Distributors if needed.  You can download the 2019 registration form through the link below:

Please click here for the 2019 Registration Form!

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to learn more about signing up students for the 2019 Kids' Cooking Classes, please contact our Customer Care Center at 513-874-5444 and ask for Jill Sunday, or, email her at

We look forward to seeing you here this summer!