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Council to Appoint Representative to Butler County TID

The Hamilton City Council will appoint one representative to the Board of Trustees for the Butler County Transportation Improvement District (TID). This immediate appointment is the result of the unfortunate passing of local Hamilton Historian Jim Blount as he was one of Hamilton’s three representatives to this Board. The appointment would be effective immediately and terminate on December 31, 2018. At that time City Council could consider the representative to a full term of two years or appoint someone else.

The TID provides a local structure which coordinates federal, state, and local resources in planning, financing, constructing, and operating transportation projects. As leaders across the country call for greater innovation and accelerated construction schedules, the TID is proving the possibilities for better government. The TID drives the responsibility for transportation improvements to the local level and serves a group of local governments collaborating to achieve common transportation goals. The TID is a "district," a geographic area organized for the purpose of improving the existing road system. The TID does not represent a single city, nor is it a large government agency. In fostering cooperation among local governments, the TID increases the impact and effectiveness of local transportation planning and funding. The cooperative structure of the TID allows Butler County communities to accomplish more together than they would if they acted alone.

Board members must be available to meet at 8:30 am on the second Monday of every month and are held at the TID Offices at 1921 Fairgrove Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

Applicants must be residents within the Municipal Boundaries of the City of Hamilton in order to be considered. Each application must attach proof of residency to their completed application. This can be done through several different methods including but not limited to providing a copy of: address on a current State or Federal ID, current utility bill, or a current signed apartment lease.

Applications will be accepted through November 3, 2017 until 5:00pm and can be downloaded by clicking here. Applications can be submitted by email, in person, or by mail to the following addresses:


Office of the City Clerk

345 High Street

Suite 780

Hamilton, OH 45011

Any applications not received by 5:00pm on November 3, 2017, will not be considered, including those still in the USPS mail delivery system. Applications will be kept on file for future appointments if not chosen during this application period.