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Do You Know How To?

Upon seeing the title of this story, you might think, "Do I know how to WHAT?"  Well, that's precisely what we want to know!  Is there something at which you excel?  Do you have knowledge about a process that you'd like to share?  Do you enjoy something that you'd like to get others involved with?  


Is there something you want to learn?  Do you need a refresher course on something?  Do you want to spend a fun-filled Saturday learning how to do things in 25 minute sessions?

If any of these ring true, then do we have the event for you!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 17th as our How-To Festival returns!  From 11am-2pm, we will serve up 25 minute sessions on a variety of topics. We are looking for individuals who would love to share their knowledge with others.  What that knowledge is, well, that's up to you!  

Past topics include creating a smoky eye, using an iPad, crocheting, folding a fitted sheet, tying a bow-tie, drawing, starting your family tree, downloading ebooks, and more.  This year, we've already got speakers on practicing yoga, framing, painting, and creating a medical care directive.  

So, think about it.  Are you tired of kids not knowing how to check the fluids in their cars?  Do you have the perfect way to cast a line when fishing?  Know how to tie a variety of knots?  Have a filing system for your tax information that you swear by?  Can you remove weeds with one tug?  Please consider sharing your talents with others.  If you're interested, please email or call 270.692.4698 and ask for Jama.