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"Get Efficient" Comes to Springfield Township

Springfield Township has partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance to bring you the Get Efficient program. Get Efficient offers a number of ways for residents to improve the comfort of their home and save on energy bills.

With the Get Effecient Program, You Can

·        Speak with an Energy Advisor to discuss how to address your energy efficiency needs.

·        Request to have a member of Get Efficient’s qualified contractor network contact you.

·        Sign-up to receive a Try-Light Kit to test out LED light bulbs in your own home.

Learn more today at:

 Springfield Township - Get Efficient FAQ 

1) Springfield Township has partnered with the non-profit organization, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, to bring Township residents the Get Efficient Program

2) The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance was founded in 2009 and its mission is to facilitate energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in the residential and commercial sectors throughout the greater Cincinnati area. This organization is not affiliated with aggregation or Energy Alliances LLC. 

3) The Get Efficient program is a residential program and offers township residents the opportunity to learn more about resources to become more energy efficient in their homes and save money. 

4) The program has an easy to use website at and offers three distinct pathways to choose from: 

LED Lighting Upgrade Opportunity – 30 Day Trial Run 

Speak to an Energy Advisor – if you’re not sure what your energy efficiency problem is, will ask questions and discuss the issue. 

Direct to Contractor – know what the problem is, but need a connection to our highly vetted contractor network. 

5) If you have any questions, about the program, please call Kevin Tolan at 513-562-4825.