Springfield Township Community Improvement Corporation Offers Grants To Spur Neighborhood Beautification and Economic Development

Last year, projects like the Brentwood Bowl mural, Covered Bridge landscape and Pleasant Run Farms Swim Club entryway improvements helped rejuvenate gateways into Springfield Township. These projects were made possible through collaborative efforts of businesses, neighborhood groups and grants offered through the Springfield Township Community Improvement Corporation (CIC).  Springfield Township CIC Board Member and Township Trustee Mark Berning explains, "The Business Improvement and Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Programs leverage community resources to revitalize and reinvest in Springfield Township. The programs create valuable partnerships that help to improve the economic health and vibrancy of our business and residential communities."

Applications for the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant and for the Business Improvement Grant programs are now open through March 8th.

About the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant:

The Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program was created in 2016. The program was designed to make Springfield Township neighborhoods better places to live, work, and play. The program focuses on the Township’s various neighborhoods by achieving specific goals.

Similar to most grant programs, the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program provides funding only to specific types of organizations and for specific types of projects.

 Projects which are eligible include ones which:

• Provide a public, neighborhood benefit;

• Make improvements and/or repairs to existing facilities;

• Develop aesthetic improvements such as landscaping, entrance signage, or lighting; and

• Involve neighborhood residents in project identification, planning, and implementation

Funded projects must have a minimum of 10% matching funds by the eligible organization.

Past completed projects include: Hollydale Civic Association neighborhood gateway, Pleasant Run Farms Civic Association Swim Club pool repairs and entryway improvements, Sevenhills Action Group neighborhood gateway pocket park, the Hartwell Business Association Vine Street beautification project and Covered Bridge brush clearing and bridge illumination (to be completed this Spring).

Grant details and the application is available at https://www.springfieldtwp.org/378/Neighborhood-Enhancement-Grant

Grant Application Deadline:  March 8, 2019

About the Business Improvement Grant:

The Business Improvement Grant was established in 2018. Business owners and/or eligible business associations may file a grant application for the implementation of a single project.  Eligible projects are those that:

• Make improvements and/or repairs, or improve the aesthetics to existing facilities; or

• Create new opportunities for economic growth or add jobs; or

• Allow the business to remain in Springfield Township; or

• Address economic development needs of the neighborhood or business corridor and clearly benefits the area; or

• Make aesthetic neighborhood improvements such as landscaping, entrance signage, or lighting; and

A minimum of 35% matching funding from the eligible business/businesses association are required. Projects that conflict with township policy will not be awarded.


Past completed projects include: The Brentwood Bowl Mural, which was also supported by a Hamilton County Economic Development grant.

Grant details and the application is available at https://www.springfieldtwp.org/416/Business-Improvement-Grant.

Grant Application Deadline: March 8, 2019

For more information of the Springfield Township CIC, Call 522-1410.