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Oshkosh Chamber and oGoLead® bring you the digital leadership program, Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership®.
The Oshkosh Chamber with oGoLead®  is offering the digital leadership program, Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership®. 

The business world of today is facing a leadership gap that is reducing employee morale, engagement and the business bottom line. Enter David Novak. He has decades of experience in leading a multi-generational workforce and wants to help people take control of their careers and become stronger, more successful leaders. As CEO and Co-founder of Yum! Brands, he established the company as a global powerhouse with billions in revenue. He was also famous among his employees for making fun and recognition key aspects of the Yum! culture. He understands how today’s leaders learn and how to lead in a way that gets the most out of others. Want to drive results? Novak has the recipe.

Novak designed a course for first-time supervisors to mid-career professionals for his new online leadership platform,oGoLead® , and calls it, Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership®. He says that, “oGoLead’s proven approach teaches people how to Heartwire their leadership skills by building passionate commitment in the people they lead, and how to Hardwire their success with processes, procedures and discipline to get consistent results. The combination of Heartwiring leaders and Hardwiring success leads to the best results.”

The Oshkosh Chamber has partnered with oGoLead® to offer the digital leadership program. The roadmap below provides you with an overview of the powerful leadership topics and principles taught in the online program, which includes five interactive learning modules. Your employees will learn practical leadership skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace during the training. Oshkosh Chamber members will receive an exclusive rate on the purchase of the program.

See the training roadmap here.

Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership™ Brochure


Most leadership development programs today are built around outdated case studies and academic theory, taught by consultants who have never actually led organizations.

Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership® was founded on practice – not theory – and it has proven, real-world results from over 130 countries around the world. Taught by the CEOs and leaders who made it happen, oGoLead® is different from other leadership development programs.

The oGoLead difference:

•Developed and taught by C-Level leaders from global organizations

•Profound truths, with practical application – not just theory

•On-demand, interactive digital program for the way today’s leaders learn

•Leading by taking people with you, not the traditional top-down, hierarchical  leadership style

•Premium program, at an affordable price

•A consistent experience for companies with geographically-dispersed footprints

•A turn-key, scalable leadership solution for companies of all sizes

Senior-level executives are struggling to address the leadership gap and develop cultures that deliver connection, meaning and trust. Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership® is a strategically-minded, turn-key solution to help leaders achieve sustainable results.


About oGoLead®

Meet the Team Here.

oGoLead® is the creation of three former executives of Yum!

Brands, who have decades of experience in leadership

and creating cultural transformation using Heartwiring and Hardwiring Your Leadership®. Yum! Brands’ restaurants are truly global, with over 43,000 restaurants in more than 130 countries and territories and over one million employees. oGoLead® reflects decades of proven (not just theoretical) insight and perspective on how focusing on the “soft stuff” can lead to hard results.