Donations of Trees Come in for Beech Grove Cemetery

Rob Elsen remembers growing up near Beech Grove Cemetery. He played hide and seek and remembers running all over the grassy lawn. He has since moved away, but has alway had a special place in his heart for Beech Grove.

Beech Grove Cemetery was abandoned when it fell into foreclosure. Springfield Township Public Works Department has since taken over its care and restoration. 

In an unexpected Facebook message, Elsen offered to help. He said that he valued the work Public Works is doing in the cemetery and wanted to donate several trees. Through a partnership with Site One Landscaping, Rob Elsen and his employees at Serene Aqua planted eight beautiful trees. Elsen said,"In future years we would love to organize a planting drive for this cemetery involving more people from the community. The more people that come together, the more can be done."