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Wanna see? (yeah, you do!)
Zoning has been approved!

Zoning approved!

We're pleased to announce that our zoning proposals for the new library have been approved!  That means our architects can move forward with our plans!  It also means that we can start sharing artist renderings of what our new facility will eventually look like!

Artist rendering of the front corner at Main Street and Harrison.  The front grassy lot that we have now will eventually house an enclosed reading garden.  Lots of natural light will enter the facility from the Main Street side through multi-colored movable prism windows.  Our architects are dedicated to making certain our new facade blends in with the current local flair.


Rear of the building, looking from Harrison Street.  Windowed areas that you see will be part of our new meeting room configuration, far left (in the brown) will be staff and processing offices.  The area that you're looking at will be where our upper parking lot is currently located.

Disclaimer:  Please be aware that the images we post are artist renderings ONLY and are subject to change based on design changes, zoning issues, etc.

Update Station!

We're setting up an Update Station within the library located as you pass from one side to the other where the black and white self-service copier is located.  Check out the digital display for more update images and information about our temporary location, closings and information that will be important for you to know!

We hope you are as excited as we are!