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Lifestyle benefits rank high with flight risk workers

According to Gallup’s 2016 State of the American Workplace, 33% of the American workforce are engaged at work. How do employers better engage their employees?

The way employers and employees view benefits is at odds. Organizations view benefits as a way to improve business performance, boost morale and retain talent. However, employees want benefits that offer more flexibility and the ability to live a better life. Gallup found 51% of employees who would change jobs for one that offered them flexible work hours.

Millennials now make up one third American workforce and their take on benefits differs from that of the other four generations in the workforce. Gallup’s research demonstrated that they enjoy traditional benefits, like health insurance, but they are also seeking more flexible and “life-oriented” benefits such as telecommuting, tuition reimbursement, and on-site daycares. This group are most likely to change jobs in order to get what they want. Gallup discovered that 61% of employees who say they have access to health insurance, still would change companies for this benefit.

Better benefit engagement

Educate them

When employees consider leaving an organization, they might do so to seek a higher salary but what they don’t know is their total compensation. Organizations should create a total compensation package letter to share with individuals each year. The letter should include the employee’s salary and a complete list of the benefits the employee is taking advantage of, along with information on the ones they are not. Be sure to share the amount you spend on these benefits to give them a clear picture of their total compensation.

Asking isn’t enough

Surveys are common, but even Gallup admits that they are not very effective. Engagement programs should be more than a “check a box” survey in order to really drive change or increase performance.

Learn to listen

To find out the needs of employees, companies want true people metrics, which can be offered by Cerkl. Organizations on Cerkl personalize each touchpoint so each employee feels connected and valued. On the back end, Cerkl offers insights that clearly outline their employees’ engagement, helping leaders predict and stop employee turnover before it happens.