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Business Matters Program Focused on Retention and Expansion

Springfield Township recognizes how important our businesses are to the community. It’s with this understanding that the new Business Matters! program was initiated. Simply put, Business Matters! focuses on how the Township can assist businesses in their economic success.

Being a member of the Springfield Township Business Matters! program has many benefits, including free or nominally priced services from our township departments to assist business in areas such as safety and security, emergency management, infrastructure project consulting, and employee enrichment. By collecting information regarding the economic forecast of a particular local business, we are able to refer local, county, and regional programs to help see those business plans through.

Local businesses are at the heart of our economy, and we are here to assist in any way possible. With the Business Matters! program, Springfield Township intends to demonstrate immediate results by addressing any urgent needs and offering strong lines of communication between the township and business.

Take a closer look at the Business Matters! program here.