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We got stuff!
We've got to do something with all our STUFF!

A day or so ago our director Amy and myself were at the circulation desk.  As we often do, we were thinking of the future, what we need to be doing, what do we need to purchase, what do we need to plan for.  We then had this massive realization.  If all the planning has been correct and the construction continues to move along at a brisk pace, in five (short) months we'll be preparing to move back to 201 East Main Street!

When the hyperventilating subsided, we went back to planning.

As we move forward (onward and upward!) we wanted to pass along what YOU can be expecting over the coming months.


Weeding is the term that libraries use for cleaning out our collection, or culling through it.  Just like the unwanted things in  your yard or garden, we'll be pulling what we don't want to take to our newly remodeled space.  Items that are very old and outdated, items that aren't circulating and old worn copies that frankly just don't look very nice.

You're going to notice our overall collection shrinking a bit in size, at least temporarily, but then it will grow with FRESH, NEW, EXCITING TITLES!  In our new space, you're going to notice the absence of giant towering shelves closing in on you.  Our new design will feature a much more open space, with lower shelving, a more "bookstore" appearance for our collection. 

As we weed through our collection, we have to figure out what to do with all these deleted books, we certainly don't want to just toss them out!  At this time, a decision has not been made as to whether we will have the capacity for the Friends of The Library to hold a book sale at our temporary location before we move back to 201 East Main.  We would certainly like to, but we have to know that it is logistically possible.  We'll update you more when that decision is made, the subject of deleted title storage leads us to our next topic! 

Free stuff!

In order to make room for books we're going to remove from our collection, we're going to be going through a lot of STUFF that we've accumulated over the years.  Stuff like old holiday decorations, leftover stuff from programming.....just STUFF!

From time to time you'll see a table (or two) appear in front of our temporary location.  Anything on those tables is yours for the taking, first come, first serve (no, we won't "put anything back" for you), and no, please don't take the tables themselves unless there's a sign that says to!

Best way to know when the "FREE STUFF" days are?  Follow us on Facebook, we'll send out a notice!

BIG stuff!

What's staying and what goes?  We get asked that a lot.  Our building project budget includes pretty much all new "stuff" for the library: computers, lounge furniture, refreshment area equipment, staff office furnishings and desks.....everything!

What happens to the big furniture and stuff that's in our temporary location?  Here's what you need to know concerning things like shelving, tables and chairs, office furniture (desks, file cabinets, etc.), storage cabinets, lounge furniture, computer tables and the like:

  • As a non-profit ourselves, our commitment is to assist other non-profit organizations and/or educational institutions. A "call for need" will be announced and interested eligible groups would have first priority to obtain these larger items.
  • Second priority would go to other libraries and local governmental institutions.
  • Following these first and second priority offerings, any remaining furnishings will be available for a "sealed bid" process, either by the MCPL library itself, or through the MCPL Friends of the Library group.  Interested parties will be invited to inspect the items during a specific date window and submit a sealed (secret) bid.  All bids will have the same deadline for submission, to be announced at a later date.  The highest bidder for any one (or grouping) of items will be declared the winner.  All items will have a deadline as to when they must be picked up or they will be forfeited. 
  • No library staff member will hold back or put anyone's name on any item.  We realize this is a great opportunity for those interested in our surplus and we are committed to making the process as fair as possible.