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What's your wish?
Please take a few minutes to look over our wish list.

As we've mentioned before, we're not sitting idly by at our temporary location just waiting for the building project to be completed. Along with the daily operations, we're planning ahead for programming, services and features that will create a vibrate space full of activity! You already know that nearly 100% of the programming and services that we offer are either free or at a nominal fee to cover our costs.

We have so much more that we want to offer our community, and we'd like to give YOU an opportunity to contribute.  We've compiled a "wish list" of items that we would eventually like to acquire for the new library's Makerspace and Technology areas and invite you to browse and consider a donation, either recognized with a placard or anonymously.

The items in our wish list run the gamut in price range. Perhaps a business or organization your familiar or affiliated with might want to help with larger ticket items. We'd like to thank you for looking over our list, and as always, suggestions are always welcome.  We appreciate your consideration for donations of any kind.  Thanks!

Please note: Items marked with an asterisks (*) include funds for extended warranties. 

Conversion Equipment:  for updating older technology formats to those that patrons can utilize. 

LP to Digital Converter     $100*

Film & Slide to Digital Converter     $216*

Super 8 & 8mm to Digital Converter     $350*

VHS to DVD Converter     $300*

Industry & Creative Tech:  helping patrons learn new technology & ways to create.

Laser Cutter     $7,995

Glowforge (Enclosed laser cutter/engraver)     $3,745

Large Format Printer     $4,300*

Sewing Machines (2)     $200*/each

Serger     $190

Embroidery Machine     $410*

Large Format 3D Printer     $899

3D Scanner     $179

Dremel / Multipurpose Tools (2)     $225*/each

2.25" Professional Button Maker     $300

1" Professional Button Maker     $300

Soldering Iron Kit (2)     $33/each

Arduino Kit (2)     $90/each

Raspberry Pi (2)     $37*/each

Makey Makey (2)     $50/each

Ozobot (2)     $53*/each

Squishy Circuits Group Kit     $300

Large Cubelets Set     $500

GoRobot (2)     $40/each

Library Tech:  To help the library provide better services in person and online

60" Sharp AQUOS Board     $4,400

Bound Book Scanner     $440*

Flatbed Color Scanner for Genealogy     $260*

Microfilm Machine     $8,000

Large Wall-Mount OPAC Stations (2)     $900*/each

Backlit Displays for Library Maps     $200/each

Large Monitor for Security System     $480*