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Receive Emergency Notifications

How will you receive severe weather and other emergency alerts and warnings? Sign up for Hamilton County’s notification system, Alert Hamilton County, and be in the know. Alert Hamilton County is the official emergency notification system used by the County to communicate with residents during emergencies. This FREE, safe, and secure system allows you to choose from more than 40 alerts, ranging from severe weather to evacuation. Sign up now to receive free alerts via text message, email, and/or voice message.

- Add your address to receive geo-targeted alerts

- Indicate what types of alerts you want to receive including weather, traffic, emergency, and more.

- Indicate how you want to be notified by text, email, and/or voice message.


• Alert Hamilton County (Alert HC) is a mass notification and warning system designed to notify those who live and work in Hamilton County about emergencies and other important information.

• Alert HC is customizable and allows users to choose what notifications they wish to receive and how they would like to receive them.

42 different alerts available. Alerts are available via text message, email, and voice call for a select few alerts.

• Alerts available for voice call include: Civil Danger Warning, Civil Emergency Message, Evacuation Immediate, Flash Flood Warning, Flood Warning, Shelter in Place Warning, Tornado Warning, and Municipal Alerts.

• Alert Hamilton County allows Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency to activate the following tools for public notification: Wireless Emergency Alerts and the Emergency Alert System. Alert HC also allows for the connection to websites and social media feeds, as well as directly to residents via text, email, and phone call.

• Alert HC is linked with the Smart911 technology. Upon registration for Alert HC, relevant user information is shared with 9-1-1 call takers and first responders when a user’s registered phone number calls 9-1-1.

• Those interested can register for the system at:

• Current users can update their Smart911 Safety Profile and/or change their alert settings by logging in to their account at:

• Users are able to provide key information about members of their household (people, pictures, animals, medical information) that they would like 9-1-1 call takers or first responders to know.

• Emergency responders can use this key information to help users faster and more efficiently.

• Smart911 is free, private, and secure. User information will only be available to 9-1-1 call takers and first responders for 45 minutes if 9-1-1 is called by a pre-registered phone number.

• Information is housed in secure facilities with 24/7 physical security, video surveillance, and alarms.

• Smart911 is a nationwide system. If you are traveling in an area that subscribes to Smart911, your Safety Profile will be available to that 9-1-1 Communication Center.

• Users can register for Smart911 at Current subscribers can edit their information at