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What You Need To Know About Winton Road Construction

The highly anticipated and much needed repairs to Winton Road has begun. Our biggest piece of advice ... have patience. It's going to take awhile. 

Hamilton County is investing over 6 million dollars into the extensive project which will take the remainder of the year to complete. Construction began April 30th and isn't expected to be complete until mid December, as long as the weather cooperates. The scope of the improvements include a complete rehabilitation of pavement from the Greenhills corporate line to Fleming Road. Winton will be widened from Sarbrook to Fleming to allow for a turn lane in the center of the road. Rack & Ballauer Excavating Company is the contractor selected by the County to complete the project. 

Drivers are asked to drive slowly on Winton during construction. Many workers are on the scene and there are long strips of road with uneven pavement. Please expect delays, especially during rush hours. 

Concerns should be reported to the Hamilton County Engineers Office project manager, John Neal at 946-8400.