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Where did they come from, where did they go?

Last Thursday, April 19, Heritage Hounds met and we talked about emigration, immigration and migration.  What's the difference?  Think of it this way:

  • Emigration - People are Exiting a country or area.
  • Immigration - People are coming Into a country or area.
  • Migration - People are Moving from one area to another but generally come back (think "snowbirds" that go to Florida in the winter but come back to Kentucky in the summer).

In preparing for our monthly discussion, I put together an immigration timeline.  It's by no means inclusive of every movement made by mankind, but it should get you started if you can't figure out why someone was in one area and then went to another.  Remember to look at popular movements made by people who came to the US.  For instance, it was common for the Scots-Irish (some of my folk) to come in through Pennsylvania and North Carolina and travel toward the Appalachian Mountains.  Many members of my family did just that, traveling from Scotland to North Carolina and then on to Tennessee and Kentucky.  It was my DNA test results from Ancestry, coupled with my family tree, that tied me to different migration stories, helping me piece my past together.

Check out the immigration timeline by clicking on the Adobe icon below and, as always, if you need help, stop by and ask for Jama, call me at 270.692.4698 or shoot me an email at  Happy hunting!