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RPAC Trustees decide which local pro-REALTOR® candidates GNIAR will support this election

GNIAR RPAC Trustees interviewed a number of local candidates on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.  Trustees are responsible for endorsing pro-REALTOR® candidates seeking office in Northwest Indiana.  After a long day of interviews, the RPAC Trustees have made decisions as to who they are supporting. 

  • Kyle Allen, Sr Lake County Commissioner – District 1 $ 2000
  • Jon Snyder Porter County Assessor $ 1000
  • Eldon Strong Lake County Council – District 7 $ 1000
  • Jerome Prince Lake County Assessor $ 1000
  • David Hamm Lake County Council – District 1 $ 1000
  • John Petalas Lake County Auditor $ 2000
  • Vicki Urbanik Porter County Auditor $ 2000
  • Jeremy Rivas Porter County Council – District 2 $ 500
  • Dan Dernulc Lake County Council – District 4 $ 1000

Total $11,500

The RPAC Trustees is comprised of trained RPAC investor GNIAR REALTOR® or Affiliate members who have a history of being engaged in the political process, are unbiased and represent various communities and unincorporated areas throughout the GNIAR territory.

RPAC Trustee members serve a three term (four years if a term includes a non-election year) and are appointed by the GNIAR President. Each member must participate in ½ day training and commit to being available for candidate interviews for both the spring and fall election cycles. The number of daylong interviews is dependent on the number of candidates filing for election and the number of “hotly” contested races as determined by the Trustees. 

Your 2018 RPAC Trustees

2018 Chair Megan Cecil 2018 thru 2021

2018 Vice Chair Denise Little 2018 thru 2021

Member Brenda Miley 2018 thru 2021

Member Donna Zisoff 2017 thru 2020

Member Saba Mohammed 2017 thru 2020

Member Jay Harrigan 2017 thru 2020

Member Nina Wiseman 2016 thru 2019

Member Jay Mayden 2016 thru 2019

Member Chuck Dellorto 2016 thru 2019

Member Iris Reeves 2015 thru 2018

Member BruceAnn Singleton 2015 thru 2018

Member Claudia Miller 2015 thru 2018

For questions concerning Government Affairs, please contact Joe Wszolek at or 219-795-3600.