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Phone Scam Alert

Recently, two Hamilton Utilities customers reported that they were contacted by a caller claiming to represent the City of Hamilton Utility Department. The caller stated an account number, balance due and demanded payment.

Such calls are a telephone scam, attempting to unlawfully collect money and personal information. Similar telephone scams were reported locally in recent years.

According to Business Manager Nathan Perry, “The City of Hamilton does not call and demand payment. If a customer receives such a call demanding payment to avoid service disconnection, they should hang up and report the incident to the Hamilton Police Department immediately.”

Utility Customer Service Administrator Marie Hibbard advises customers, “Hamilton Utilities does not randomly call customers to demand payment. The City does make courtesy calls to remind customers of potential service disconnection but only after providing prior notice through billing statements and door hangers. Customer Service Representatives do not request personal information during such courtesy calls.”

Hamilton Utilities encourages customers to contact its Customer Service Division at 513.785.7100 or to stop at its office on the 1st floor of the Hamilton Municipal Building, 345 High Street, with any questions regarding their accounts.

The Hamilton Police Department (HPD) Detective Bureau is investigating this telephone scam. If you suspect that someone is attempting to scam you, please contact Police Dispatch at 513.785.1300.

The City of Hamilton owns and operates all four primary utilities, including electric, natural gas, water and wastewater systems. The City is one of the lowest cost utility service providers in the region and state. For further information, contact Utility Business Manager Nathan Perry at 513.785.7217.