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The Hiders in Concert with an Steampunk Experiential Art Exhibit
Enjoy the music, experience the art! ArtsConnect makes a return to concerts and you won't want to miss this one. 

Experience a concert unlike any we’ve designed before! The Hiders will debut the release of their 8th album, “Forever at the End” on the patio of the Grove. While the band is playing, guests will be invited to travel to a tree lined area of the venue, virtually approaching an experiential art exhibit featuring a mix of holograms, 3D prints, lenticular characters and an illusion made by colored lights. The event is made possible through a sponsorship by Energy Alliances.

The Daizie's Dillas food truck will be serving up quesadillas and dilla bowls.  Beer, wine and seltzers will also be available for purchase.  Patrons can purchase artist and band merchandise at the concert. This event will be viewable live on Waycross. Purchase a hologram prism for your cell phone for just $5 to take the holographic experience home with you. Rainout information: 513-522-2108, option 4. 

About the Art and Artist

Doc Galahan created the cover of The Hiders newest album, which will debut in concert on July 23rd at The Grove Event Center.

"Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition" - Max Ernst

Doc Galahan is a Cincinnati-based pseudonymous artist, printmaker and writer who reimagines 19th century engravings into a menagerie of steampunk creatures, autonomous beings and experimental curiosities. This exhibition is a first act, an introduction of the characters and the setting of an alternate Victorian-era Cincinnati renamed as Queensgate. It is a first step in a larger tale, which Doc explains is about a world similar to our own: "A world split down the middle, plagued by civil war and fractured between those who are human and those who are supernatural. It is a warning from a world too afraid and too proud to overcome and ultimately embrace their differences".

With this first exhibition, Doc Galahan has taken 25 prints and has re-imagined them by presenting them in various visual formats: Anaglyph 3D prints, Lenticular prints and Holographic installations. Each of the 25 original prints will also be on sale on various, exquisite papers at the event.

This exhibition is the first step in a journey in which Doc Galahan will be revealing his story through art and literary releases over the course of 2021 and 2022. Proceeds of the art will be used to fund the production of a graphic novel: Doc Galahan's Arcanarium: Book I: The Queensgate Plague

Learn More about Doc at:

About the Hiders

Tennessee Williams once suggested that “Time is the longest distance between two places” but for The Hiders time exists “All at once and never again”. The latter quote is from the title track of their upcoming 2021 release ‘Forever at the End’. The title is inspired by the effect of an Event Horizon, named such for being the boundary defining the region of space around a black hole from which nothing ( not even light ) can escape - a singularity - a horizon beyond what we can see. Cryptic, I know. Some things are harder to describe and best perchance experienced. 

Formed officially in the early days of the 21st century in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Hiders 2004 debut ‘Valentine’ was met enthusiastically in the realm of Americana. Their sound, described often as an intriguing mix of folk, rock, and psychedelia, filled the remaining open spaces between the likes of Neil Young and Sparklehorse, or even the twilight separating Gillian Welch and Black Sabbath. 

Over the course of six albums members have come and gone so The Hiders act informally as a duo, featuring founder and vocalist/guitarist Billy Alletzhauser and long time co-vocalist Beth Harris, bringing in musicians as needed. The two met performing together in a production of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ and have never looked back. Their vocals blend together seamlessly, less a duet and more one voice, and is the bedrock of their sound. 

As of 2021, The Hiders record, mix, and produce their own music almost exclusively, giving an even more unique twist to their robust yet ethereal brand of  roots inspired rock. 

‘Forever at the End’ will be available in July, 2021.

Learn More about the Hiders at: