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New Agreement Continues to Save Residents Money for Trash and Recycling Services
Township residents have experienced the benefit of reduced trash and recycling rates for services over the past 5 years. A new agreement continues the same service with savings.

After an extensive process in 2016 that solicited bids from waste haulers, Township residents have experienced the benefit of reduced trash and recycling rates for services over the past 5 years. Prior to the Township’s participation in a collaborative bidding and pricing agreement for trash and recycling services, Township residents were paying on average almost $23/month for the unlimited service option.  Over the past 5 years of the Township-wide pricing agreement with Rumpke, Township residents have saved approximately $372 per household.  This is due to the multi-year contract with Rumpke that aggregated trash and recycling services in the Township for the sole purpose of producing reduced costs for residents.  

With the current 5-Year agreement expiring, the Board of Trustees once again partnered with neighboring communities to solicit bids from waste haulers for a new 5-Year pricing contract.  Building on the success of the Township’s utility aggregation programs, the consultant that assists in managing those programs, Energy/Cost Management Alliances, was brought on to assist in the bidding process and provide ongoing customer service support for residents after a provider is selected.  Their expertise in managing bid processes with utility companies and their ability to provide customer service support functions for residents made them the ideal partner.  

After soliciting bids, Rumpke was the only waste hauler that submitted a bid due to the size of the community and number of households being too many for most other providers.  The following represents the proposed pricing beginning May 1, 2021:

Waste Collection & Recycling Services Monthly Pricing

5 Year Fixed Pricing, Unlimited Trash and Recycling Option

2021/2022        $17.55

2022/2023        $17.90

2023/2024        $18.25

2024/2025        $18.63

2025/2026        $19.00

5 Year Fixed Pricing, Limited Trash and Recycling Option (includes 96 gallon trash can)

2021/2022        $14.00

2022/2023        $14.28

2023/2024        $14.56

2024/2025        $14.86

2025/2026        $15.16

*Optional Add-on rental of 96 gallon trash can remains $2.50/month if selected and fee of $0.10/month ($1.20/annually) per account will be applied for customer service support.

The above pricing for the new agreement will save residents, on average, almost $283 over the next 5 years when compared to the current non-contract subscription rate.    Additionally, in year five of the new agreement (2026) the price will still be $4/month less than residents were paying in 2016.  “As a Board, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our buying power as a community.  Just as we’ve done through the utility aggregation programs, joining together and using economies of scale usually enables a lesser price for all.  We’re pleased, once again, that we will be able to save residents money for trash and recycling services”, Mark Berning, Trustee.   


Joe Honerlaw, Trustee added “When you look at what other communities are paying for this service without an aggregated trash provider contract, Springfield Township residents are clearly at an advantage and saving money as a result.  We know that some may have philosophical reasons as to why they may not like the lack of choice in waste providers, but our responsibility as elected officials is to provide the most efficient option for the majority of residents.  We’re happy this continues to save residents money as does the Township’s utility aggregation programs”.  


The new contract with Rumpke begins May 1, 2021.  For additional information on the contract and pricing options, please visit