Quick Tips on Snow Removal

If you have watched the news this week, you have heard the weather forecasters warning us that bad weather is heading our way. Follow our tips below to help both you and our plow drivers during winter storms!

If at all possible, please do not park on the street.

When you shovel your driveway, pile the snow on the right side of your driveway, when standing in your driveway facing the street, not the left! If you pile it on the left, it can get knocked back into your drive when a plow drives by. Our plows are pushing snow past your drive, push yours in the same direction!

We do not maintain every street in Colerain Township. Colerain Township has the responsibility to maintain subdivision streets and the streets that feed into main roads. The main roadways in the Township are maintained by either the State of Ohio or by Hamilton County, click here for a complete list: http://www.colerain.org/department/public-services/road-division/township-maintained-streets/

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