What a mess!

Some photos of our project!

We're moving right along folks!  A big shout-out to Isaac Tatum Construction and his crew for working so diligently......freezing cold days, weekends, late hours and in the rain.....all to keep our building project on schedule!  

We're working hard too, although our work conditions might be a tad bit more comfortable!  Every single day we are planning and prepping for the time when we will move back to 201 East Main, for a grand re-opening, and an exciting future for our community!  With a new totally redesigned space we'll have more to offer in programming, materials and services!  

If you haven't been by our 201 location, check out these images of the progress!  You may only see the outside but we've snagged a few pictures from the inside as well!


When I arrived at the site this morning I was surprised to see a huge chunk of the back wall where the rear entrance once was is now gone!

It's hard not to miss this huge project when you're driving down MLK!

This is the beginning of foundation work that will eventually be the back wall of the new library!

There is work going on all over the property.  In the back, along the sides, in the front and inside.  There's a lot to coordinate to make it all come out right!  Thanks again Isaac Tatum Construction!

The old front entrance.

That's Goodin's Home Center on MLK as seen from Main Street THROUGH the library!

We will have an improved drainage system throughout the property and this area will feature our Outdoor Reading Garden!

As a reminder, this is a construction zone!  Please don't try to access. We're allowed periodically for progression photos but work and machinery pauses for safety!

Remember the wall that divided the library?  Gone!

From the old back door to the old front door is now a clear shot.....well, sort of!

Just think, all these old grey and dark images will once again become a bright, inviting space for your community!

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