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Just look at what we have to offer!
Check out the services we're still able to offer while closed to public foot traffic.

In today's article I want to share with you the things you can still get done at your library even during this period where we are closed to public traffic inside of our walls.

  • You CAN still get books, audiobooks, movies, and Library of Things.  Using your library card number and your PIN, you can request books on line via our website at and clicking on the "catalog" tab.  If you don't have your PIN, just call the library at 270-692-4698. Verify your personal information and we can give you your PIN over the phone.  When you place items on hold via the website they will be available for curbside pickup the following business day after 10am.
  • Request items by phone. Call the library and speak to our staff, you can request specific titles, particular authors or a favorite genre, like Romance Fiction. Our staff will let you know how much time will be needed to fulfill your request.  You may also request items via email. Send your request to:
  • Requesting a title that we don't have in our collection? Head back to our website and under the "Services" tab, click on "request an item" and fill out the information on the form.
  • Interlibrary Loans (ILL).  If you request an item that we don't have in our collection, our ILL department is still up and running. If the item your requesting is more obscure or has an older copyright date, we may be able to borrow it from another Kentucky library. You can request these items by filling out the "request an item" form or by sending an email to:  Interlibrary Loans take several weeks to process, please be patient!
  • FAX services. Arrive at our parking lot entrance and call us, we'll come out with gloves on and retrieve your items and fax them for you. The charge is $1 per fax.  We can also scan and email your document(s) at no charge.
  • Copies.  As above, we'll come out and retrieve your items and make copies for you. Larger or more complex requests may require that you drop your copy job off and retrieve the completed job later. We'll let you know on a case by case basis. We can also laminate items up to 11 x 17 for you.
  • Digital printing. Need a return label printed out? Just send to  Call us when you arrive and we'll print it out for you.  Don't forget we also can process your large format job for signs and banners. In the subject line of your email just put: Large format print.
  • Limited Genealogy Services.  Call the library or send your request to
  • Homebound.  Unable or nervous about getting out? In certain instances our Outreach Librarian can safely deposit or pickup items at your home. Please call the library to discuss your particular situation.
  • Buy a bag of books.  Our Friends of The Library Group is offering a bag of books for $2! In lieu of a book sale you can get a bag of books.  You can request a particular genre or a random bag of fiction or non fiction.  Just give us a call at the library and tell us what you're looking for and give us some time to go through our discarded books. We can't promise you'll get exactly what you want but we'll make every effort to do so! Currently, we're starting to run low on Romance Fiction and Mystery & Suspense Fiction. We have lots of YA(Young Adult) titles available.

We are starting to get more calls of, "When is the library going to open back up?" We honestly don't know the answer to that.  We take guidance from health and governmental agencies.  The decision is not an easy one and great lengths have been taken by our Director and our Board of Trustees to make certain we are operating in a safe and responsible way. The truth is, the library IS open and still serving the community.  Aside from face to face programming, browsing, and the availability to access public computers we are doing our best to provide as many services as possible to our community.

Regarding donations, we are not accepting outside materials at this time.  When you deposit your returns in our drop box, they are brought into the building and immediately wiped down with sanitizer and then quarantined for 7 days before going back on our shelves.  

Your library staff has been divided into two groups.  Each group spends part of the work week working from home and part of the week in the office.  Should any one member of our staff become infected or has to quarantine, it only affects the group they are in. The alternate group can allow the library to remain open for the services we are offering.  We are very strict with our staff to insure there is no cross contamination between the two groups.

We take the health and safety of our staff, our building, and our community very seriously. We appreciate your support during this time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.  We will always be transparent regarding our policies and the reasoning behind them.

Thank you for your patronage!