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Insights gets huge cross-channel upgrade
You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why Cerkl is giving your Insights a cross-channel upgrade. See what’s new in this post.

On Saturday, October 3, Cerkl released a major update to our popular measurement product, Broadcast Insights. With our communicators’ goals in mind, we endeavored to bring you a robust but straightforward analytics experience that helps you tell better data stories. Let’s see what’s new.

Channel Measurement

Cerkl Broadcast is all about uniting your comms across channels. That’s why our new channel reports give a bird’s eye view of engagement across your organization. You can view your Insights by channel, like newsletter, or mobile, or compare channel performance. You will know in seconds which channel performs better on Sunday or which channel yields the most impressions. 

Totaling Headers

Get ready for some major time savings. We’ve added totaling headers to the tables in Insights so you can see the averages for any column of data. For all of our non-Excel or spreadsheet geeks, a totaling header is a metric that calculates the grand total for that column. This gives you a benchmark to compare content, category, or audience performance. And the totaling headers keep working, even when applying filters to your data.  

New Filters

Speaking of filters, you will see a few new ones that are now available in Insights. We know how you love to slice and dice your data, so we opened up the options here to make it easy to get what you are looking for. 

Reimagined Engagement Score 

We’ve updated the way our engagement score calculates your growth and progress toward total audience participation. Think of it as a Fitbit Sleep Score for your audience engagement. At the center of our new Engagement Score is your audience members and their interactions with your content. So when you log in, your number may be lower because it’s being calculated differently.

More Data 

Everywhere in our updated Broadcast Insights, you’ll see additional analytics like Audience Reach, Impressions, and Content Click Rate. This data unlocks a new dimension of goal-oriented measurement for you to tap into. You can even see how audience members are engaging per channel with measurements for your intranet and mobile experiences, new content and audience metrics and more. 

Better View

When you load it for the first time, you might notice everything seems bigger. We’ve cut back on some unneeded space and boosted the font size to make everything more readable. 

It’s been a blast (pun intended) working to make Cerkl Broadcast Insights work better for you. We are looking forward to seeing how you use our updated analytics. 

Happy engaging,

The Cerkl Product Team