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Now Hiring Part-Time Laborers Dedicated to Litter and Clean Up Efforts
Concentrated efforts with dedicated staff will help make Springfield Township a cleaner, safer place to live, work and play.

With a focus on keeping Springfield Township clean, green and beautiful, the township is accepting applications for three available part-time laborer positions, paid completely through grant funding. 

The township receives litter complaints weekly.  Director of Infrastructure and Development Mike Gould states, "Litter is an ongoing issue for communities all over the country. It's disappointing that people toss bottles, wrappers and trash on the sidewalks and roadways. This is not OK. We plan to tackle this issue head on by having dedicated part-time staff in the community seven days a week, solely focused on keeping our streets neat and clean." 

The responsibilities under the part-time positions will primarily be picking up trash and litter along the streets, parks and neighborhoods of Springfield Township. The Township's most heavily traveled streets, even those considered County roads, including Winton Rd, Galbraith Rd, Hamilton Ave and Vine St will be covered in the efforts. Some trimming, raking leaves, graffiti removal and possibly mowing small areas with a high neighborhood impact may also be included in the 20-hour a week permanent positions. 

The new positions are a product of Springfield Township's Office of Innovation and the salaries will be 100% funded through a Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District grant program. The Office of Innovation's EPIC  Team (Employees Promoting Innovation Change) is comprised of a team member from each township department. The challenge to reduce litter long-term was addressed by the EPIC team. Team members researched a number of proposed concepts involving both volunteer and paid staff. The solution of dedicated staff became the proposed solution when the funding source was approved and secured. That funding comes in the form of the Residential Recycle Incentive (RRI) Program, administered by Hamilton County Solid Waste and Recycling District.  

The amount of revenue the township receives in RRI Program funding is directly related to the amount the of trash diverted from the landfill (recycled). RRI dollars are restricted and can only be used to purchase products made with recycled materials for the public (park benches, trash cans), to fund promotional materials on recycling, or to increase the community recycle rate. Springfield Township's EPIC Team proposal not only was accepted for RRI qualifying funding, but becomes its own source to generate the revenues through the recycling collections they pick up along the streets, roadways and neighborhoods. Township Administrator Chris Gilbert stated, "The community identified an issue and staff provided a solution that not only generates its own funding, but bolsters our ability to solve an ongoing nuisance and increase our recycling rate.   The new employees will make a big difference for everyone living, working and playing in Springfield Township."

In addition to dedicated staff, the township Police Department will continue to enforce littering laws with citations to offenders. The EPIC Team also plans to work directly with local businesses to catch those who illegally dump trash and tires on properties.

The laborer positions will report to the Public Works Department. Schedules are flexible and pay $12/hour. Applicants who are interested should send a resume and/or application to the Springfield Township HR Director, Larry Mullins at 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati OH 45231 or by email at The deadline to apply is September 11, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Springfield Township is an equal opportunity employer.


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