Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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One message to hundreds or thousands of people simply does not work. We're all are busier than ever so to cut through the noise and reach people, their newsletter needs to be personalized:
  • Who can't they miss hearing from? That becomes their lead story.
  • What is going on in your organization that matches their passions/interests?
  • How frequently do they want their newsletter?
  • What time do they want it delivered?
  • What language do they want it delivered in?
NOW, you can have real, long-term, sustainable engagement with your audience. As if that wasn't awesome enough, you'll never have to send out another newsletter. Just post content to Cerkl and we handle the rest.
No problem! Just use this link and instructions on how to reset your password will be emailed to the address you registered with.
Yes! Just use this link and replace the USERNAME with your actual Instgram username:
No and that is by design to allow your supporters to engage with you at the right level. For example, instead of creating one organization for an entire school system, you could create an organization for each building (elementary, middle and high school) or even down to the grade level.

Moderation allows for a pre-review of posts before they reach your audience. With Moderation, emails are delivered to a "queue" before going public to your audience. This queue is like a holding tank for messages that are under review by the moderator (s). Moderators have the following options for a decision:

  • Approve
  • Edit
  • Delete

If messages are approved, they go live immediately unless scheduled. Cerkl sends an email to the user letting them know their post has been approved. Moderation is a basically a filtering technique that can be very useful for organizations who do not already have systems like this in place.

Moderation is set on a person by person basis so you can have only certain people require moderation (e.g. interns). You can also have any number of moderators. If no moderators are set, the owner of the Cerkl will serve as the moderator.

Have a supporter causing problems in your Cerkl? This feature allows you to block or unsubscribe specific users from your Cerkl. To block a user, just go to Seach your supporters. Type in their name. Once you've found the user you want to block, click on the dropdown menu next to their picture and choose "block".

Blocked users will appear on the right side of the page. You can unblock someone that you've previously blocked by just clicking the circle next to their name.

Yes! When you create an organization it is public by default but if you don't want your Cerkl to appear in search results or be indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines, just select the 'private' option. Only an organization's owner can make an organization public or private.
A couple of very powerful things happen when you choose to support an organization:
  1. You will be able to reply/comment on posts made by that organization. Maybe you can't help but someone you know can - you can easily share that specific post via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. You will begin receiving email notifications when someone from that organization makes a post. That way you don't have to login every day to keep in touch with the organizations you support. You can adjust your email notification settings at any time.
  3. All of the organization's administrators will be notified that you are now supporting them.
  4. All of the organization's administrators will be able to search for you based on the information you provide in your profile (location, employment history, educational history, skills, hobbies and languages).
Your basic profile information (name, city/state, current job title) can be viewed by anyone on the site. Everything else (address, phone number, employment history, educational history, skills, hobbies and languages) is ONLY available to organizations which you have chosen to support.
From a subscriber's perspective:

The more complete your profile, the more content that we can find when we prepare your personal newsletter. This information appears in the "News for You" section of your newsletter. Just tell us what you like and we'll find the content that is meaningful for you -- helping you to cut through the noise.

From an organization's perspective:

When you are engaging with an update/need/event, you have the ability to "tag" each post. Although this step is optional, it is important. Here's why:

  • tags help us know which pieces of content should be served to which supporters
  • tags give you insight into what type of content is resonating with your audience
  • tags are used for internal tracking of content so anyone within your organization can go back and find out what has been done on "service learning" for example

Don't see an existing tag that fits? Add your own!

Tired of the same old newsletter that never has meaning for you? Us too. Tags are the way we tailor your news. As you start typing you'll see a list of matches - you can either select from that list, or, if you don't see a match, you can add your own. Hit [Enter] after each item.
Examples of skills include:
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Benefits Administration
  • Computer Hardware
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Etc.
Examples of hobbies include:
  • Astronomy
  • Camping
  • Coaching Basketball
  • Horse Riding
  • Etc.
No problem! Just use this link to reset your password.
As you start typing you'll see a list of matches - you can either select from that list, or, if you don't see a match, you can add your own. Hit [Enter] after each item.
Examples of passions include:
  • Homelessness
  • Global warming
  • Poverty
  • Diabetes
  • Human rights
  • Etc.

Don't see an existing tag that fits? Add your own!

Reach refers to how many unique people may potentially see a post by your organization. It is calculated based on how many administrators that can post on behalf of your organization and how many supporters your organization has. Using those numbers as a base, algorithms are used to determine potential reach if everyone (administrators and supporters) were to share that post with their social networks via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Generating revenue through the placement of ads is completely optional. If you choose to enable ads, your organization will be part of the Buzzglue Ad Network. Businesses will be able to place ads that will automatically be included in your outgoing Cerkl emails. You may set one or more administrators that will be able to approve/reject any ad before it is displayed to your audience. Questions? Call us! (802) 823-2899
Derived from a series of algorithms, your engagement score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your organization/audience interactions. The closer to 100, the more engaged your organization is becoming with its supporters and vice versa.
The more content you post and the more engaging (duh, we know). We look at the number of newsletters sent, opened, likes, comments, shares so as you post more engaging content, we track it and report it back to you.
Yes! Cerkl automatically removes any duplicate email addresses from your list.
In Cerkl, organizations can be related to each other. For example, within a school district, the district Cerkl page may be the parent and each school's Cerkl page would be a child of the parent. This becomes very helpful in grouping your organizations together to make it easier for people to find related organizaitons. It also makes it easier to administer, post and search across multiple organizations.
JavaScript is a scripting language commonly used to build web pages. Programmers use JavaScript to make web pages more interactive; for example, to display forms and buttons and to make processes, such as our submission process run more fluidly. Disabling JavaScript may cause some sites not to run properly in your browser, including Cerkl. Internet Explorer:
  • In your browser's menu, go to -
  • Internet Options
  • Once there select the 'Security' tab and click on Internet
  • Click Custom Level
  • Scroll down till you see Scripting, Active Scripting
  • Next click Enable, then OK, next YES and then again OK
  • In your browser's Firefox (or Tools) menu, go to -
  • Options > Options
  • Once there select the 'Content' tab
  • Next check the box next to Enable JavaScript
  • Confirm by clicking OK
  • In your browser's main menu, go to -
  • Settings
  • Once there click on 'Show advanced settings...'
  • Next click on the 'Content settings' button in the 'Privacy' section
  • There, enable 'Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)'
  • Confirm by clicking OK
  • In your browser's main menu, go to -
  • Preferences
  • Once there click on the 'Security' tab
  • Then, enable the 'Java' and 'JavaScript' options
  • In your browser's Opera menu, go to -
  • Settings > Quick Preferences
  • Check off the 'Enable JavaScript' option
Email! General questions/comments/suggestions should be directed to If you have specific technical questions or problems those should be directed to